Sara Wielich

I am a curious and creative person that loves to come in contact with people from different cultural backgrounds. I'm capable of working in groups and learning new skills from every experience. I am looking for a position/opportunity to collaborate in the artistic or cultural field : museums, galleries, association and so on that allows me to get in touch even more deeply with a reality that has fascinated me since my youth.

After a long academic training, my curriculum of studies culminating in the obtainment of a Major with the highest grades allowed me to develop important knowledge in both linguistic and cultural fields. First, it allowed me to reach a good knowledge of the language in which I specialized, namely Mandarin Chinese; secondly, it provided me with effective tools to approach the analysis of the various cultures that form our contemporary reality.

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Città di residenza: Roma
Data di nascita: 11/10/1993
Email: *****@**.***

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