MATRIARCHY & FEMALE MUSES: East, Middle East and West


Torstrasse 170, Berlino , BE , 10117, Germany
15/01/2019 - 22/01/2019

Matriarchy & Female Muses: East, Middle East and West is a group show exploring the vision of representation of women in western world and its culture.
The Matriarchy, opposition of the Patriarchy, is a system of society or government ruled by a woman or women. Matriarchy was born in primitive human communities, where religions are represented by very important female deities, with cults representing "Dee Mothers". The concept is widespread in the central-eastern Mediterranean Sea, where The Great Mother was symbolically identified with the land that bears fruit.  The earliest and most erudite study of matriarchy was published  in 1861 by Johann Jakob Bachofen.